Support the show by joining the Total Soccer Show Scouting Network. You can be an Active Scout, where we assign you a young player and you send us reports about his or her progress to read on the show; a Talent Spotter, where you help us build a database of talented young players for others to scout; or a Silent Scout, where you support us through your monthly contribution but you don't want to track a player.

$5 per month

Become a TSS scout. You can be an Active Scout, Talent Spotter, or Silent Scout. Whichever you choose, you'll be supporting the show and we love you for it.

$10 per month

Become a scout and we guarantee to answer one of your questions or voicemails on the show each month

$15 per month

All of the above and we’ll work any random word of your choosing into a future show

$20 per month

All of the above and we'll send you a TSS t-shirt

$25 per month

All of the above and you are invited to appear on the show and play the Wikipedia Game.