Support the show by joining the Total Soccer Show Scouting Network. You can be an Active Scout, where you send us reports about the young player we assign you and we read those reports on the show, or a Silent Scout, where you support us through your monthly contribution but you don't want to track a player.

$5 per month

Become a TSS scout. We'll assign you an up-and-coming player to keep an eye on, and we'll look to you to keep us updated as they progress from relative unknown to international superstar

$10 per month

Become a scout and we guarantee to answer one of your questions or voicemails on the show each month

$15 per month

All of the above and we’ll work any random word of your choosing into a future show

$20 per month

All of the above and we'll send you a TSS t-shirt

$25 per month

All of the above and you are invited to appear on the show and play the Wikipedia Game.