Below you'll find a collection of all the soccer terminology episodes we've ever recorded. If there's a football phrase or saying you've wondered about, chances are it's explained here.

Soccer Terminology 101

From February 14, 2017. Soccer phrases explained, with timestamps:

2:27 Derby (why is it called that and what does it mean?) 

7:03 The Numbers (e.g., what is a #6, #7, #8 and so on)

16:40 False 9

20:57 Double Pivot

24:25 Inverted Winger

27:50 Empty Bucket

30:10 The Mixer

Soccer Terminology 202

From February 22, 2017

1:39 Trequartista: did you know that that's how it's spelled? Taylor didn't!

7:25 Libero: how can a sweeper be free?

12:16 Catenaccio: more than just resolute defending.

20:13 Trivela: What is it exactly and how did it (maybe) get its name?

24:26 Panenka: The Origins and Techniques.

32:11 Rabona: Who did it first and therefore gets naming rights?

Soccer Terminology 303

From May 10, 2017

1:10 Brace

2:50 What is the term for four goals?

4:13 "Flattered to deceive"

9:50 Professional foul

14:50 Keeper "stood on his head"

20:15 Gaffer

22:07 Pace

24:30 Six-pointer

26:50 "Fluffed his lines"

British Football Terms vs. American Soccer Terms

From February 4, 2016

Comparing 11 different British football and American soccer terms:

1. Soccer vs Football

2. Field vs Pitch

3. Uniform vs Kit

4. Cleats vs Boots

5. Shinguards vs Shinpads

6. Coach vs Manager

7. Man Utd is vs Man Utd are

8. Outside back vs Fullback

9. Overtime vs Extra time

10. Shutout vs Clean sheet

11. Sideline vs Touchline