This page is for members of the Total Soccer Show Scouting Network. The FAQ is designed to offer some tips for successful scouting.

—Tell me the basics ... how does this work again?

We have assigned you a talented young soccer player to scout. We're asking you to keep track of him/her and keep us updated with any developments. So you send us information about your player, and we include that information in our Scouting Network updates on the show. If you haven't yet joined and would like to do so, please visit the JOIN page.

—Is this a lot of work?

No. We're not asking you to watch every game your player plays. Just keep an eye on the news and the highlights so that you can update us on how your player is progressing. It can all be done with Google searches or Twitter searches, or even with Google Alerts if you want to automate your news gathering.  

—Where do I send my reports?

Please use the new REPORT page to send us reports.

—What sort of information are you looking for?

Goals, assists, transfer rumors, loans, promotions from junior to senior teams, praise from coaches, international call-ups (any level), good performances, media coverage (e.g. World Soccer magazine features your player), and so on.

If your player scores a goal/gets an assist/bit of skill, we definitely want to hear about that. If you can include a video link, that's even better. 

We're also interested in random funny things, e.g., if your player writes a particularly funny tweet.

And we also need the bad news, e.g,  injuries, getting dropped, being caught smoking

—What are you NOT looking for?

We don't the player's history. We're interested in what your player is doing right now.

But we only want the stuff that our listeners will want to hear about. If your player played X minutes and nothing happened, that's not a great report.

If it was his debut, then yes, it's news. If that's his 57th game and he played 25 minutes and made no impact ... it's not that exciting.

—How am I supposed to find this information?

We recommend setting up a Google Alert for your player's name. That way, whenever your player is mentioned in a news story, you should get a notification in your inbox.

We also recommend searching Twitter for your player's name, Googling your player's name and so on.

If you want to go all in, you could read match reports about the team your player is playing for and watch highlights to see if you can spot him/her in action.

If your player is playing in a country where you don't speak the language, use Google Translate to automatically translate news sources.

—How long should these reports be?

Shorter is better. We get a lot of scouting reports, so we really just need the key information. 

Thanks, and happy scouting!